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Registration for autumn 2023 courses start on Monday 28.8.2023 at 18.00 on the course registation page.

Registration instructions

Always complete your course registration by pressing "Submit", even if you are getting a reserved place. This way the civic education centre will be informed and can, if possible, create new teaching groups for popular courses.

Cancellation policy

  1. By registering for a course you agree to pay the course fee. If you do not cancel you registration, you will be charged the full course fee. If you have to cancel your registration, please do so online or by contacting the civil education centre office (tel. 0468511942) at least 3 (three) days / 72 hours before the course starts. Not attending the course or not paying the invoice is NOT a cancellation.

  2. Course fees paid are non-refundable. If the course is cancelled by the civic education centre, you will be informed by SMS before the course starts. The start of the course will not be announced separately.

  3. An invoice will be sent within approximately three weeks of the start of the course. Unpaid course fees will be collected after the due date.

  4. Classes cancelled for no reasons beyond the control of the student will not be refunded.

Good to know

  1. If the authority orders the suspension of face-to-face teaching course and remote teaching or transfer of teaching is not possible and the course is suspended, the Kauhajoki Welfare Board decides on the course fee credits.

  2. The following may also be used as means of payment:

    1. Sports and cultural vouchers for the staff of the City of Kauhajoki and the Suupohja Local Public Services Association (LLKY).

    2. SMARTUM

    3. TYKY+


  • 1201110

    Maksuton suomen kielen intensiivikurssi

    Teacher: Svetlana Panfilova
    Place: Kulttuuritalo, Terijoen siipi, luokka 1
    Spring term: 24.6.2024 - 28.6.2024
    Registration begins: 27.5.2024 9.00
    Number of places: 15
    There are available places on the course