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Welcome to register for the study groups of Kiuruvesi Community College in the autumn semester of 2021!

Dates for the fall semester: 

• Information on study groups and courses for the autumn semester of 2023 will be published on these pages on August 10, 2023. 

• The study guide will be distributed to homes from Wed 14 August 2023. Distribution also applies to non-advertising households. If you do not receive a brochure, please contact the office of Kiuruvesi Community College. The study guide can also be picked up directly from the office. 

• Registrations begin on Monday, August 14, 2023.


Check out the college's registration, payment and cancellation policies as well as the study program in the brochure or at Kiuruvesi Community College.

Pick up the course numbers of the study groups you are interested in to register.

In the Search for Courses section in the upper right corner of this page, you can enter a course number, search for courses by keyword, or browse courses using the Courses button. Note! It is not possible to register for all courses online, see the information in the brochure or online.

Add all the courses you want to the shopping cart by clicking the Register button and then fill in the student's personal information in the shopping cart. If the student is under the age of 18, also fill in the guardian information via the Add Payer Information button. Press the Submit Registration button to confirm your registration! If the course is full, you will receive information about the reserve in the shopping cart. You will receive a confirmation of your registration in your e-mail. If the course is full, you will receive information about the reserve in the shopping cart.

If you have received a spare place and the study place becomes vacant, you will receive a text message from the college and instructions on how to receive the place.

Cancel registration if you are unable to attend the course. Cancellations to the office, not to the teacher! The privacy statement of the personal data stored in connection with the registration can be found on the City of Kiuruvesi's website at Privacy Statements - City of Kiuruvesi (


If you are unable to participate in the study group or short course you have registered for, please cancel your reservation, as there may be others in the group in line! The course must be canceled no later than the last registration date (NOTE! Kiuruvesi Community College does not have the opportunity for a free trial).

How to cancel?

  1. To the e-mail address, in which case you will      receive a confirmation reply to your e-mail.

  2.  To the office tel. 040 527 1633.

  3. CANCELLATION CANNOT BE MADE TO THE TEACHER, ONLY TO THE OFFICE BY EMAIL OR CALL. If the place of study is canceled contrary to the rules described above or is not      canceled at all, the person concerned will be charged tuition and material fees, even if he / she does not arrive! Unpaid invoices will be submitted      for collection.


By registering for the study group, the student undertakes to pay the tuition fee indicated for the group in question. An invoice for the tuition fee will be sent home after the start of teaching. You can also agree on an e-invoice with your bank. If you interrupt your studies or if your study group ends, the fee will not be refunded. The right to study is revoked if the course fee is not paid. There is no exemption from tuition fees based on possible illness.

Unpaid invoices will be submitted for collection.

There is no possibility of a free trial. 

Kiuruvesi Community College does not have a free trial. All registrations are binding. The tuition fee must be paid even if you have been present only once.

Material charges

The student pays for the study materials and raw materials he / she uses. In some study groups, joint procurements are made, in which case the material fee is mentioned in the brochure or agreed upon at the beginning of the teaching. In this case, the student undertakes to redeem the study materials and raw materials for himself.

 Annual card

You can buy an annual card that costs € 210 and is valid for the actual teaching period 18.9.2023- 28.4.2024 under the following conditions:

The season card entitles the holder to study in all study groups operating during the actual teaching period, except for study groups for which it is separately marked in the introductory text * (asterisk)

Material payments cannot be made with the annual card. Note! The same cancellation rules apply to the annual card holder as to other registered students, ie. if the place of study is not canceled according to the instructions described above, the person will be charged tuition and material fees regardless of the season card! 

The annual cards will be on sale from 14 August 2023 either on the Internet or in the customer service of our office. Payment will be made by invoice sent home after registration.

The annual card cannot be canceled. Those who have redeemed the card must register for the study groups and, in the event of an obstacle, cancel their participation on the same terms as other students.

Student voucher grants

The student voucher grant granted by the National Board of Education will provide a discount on course fees in the autumn of 2021 for the following target groups:

• unemployed € 10 discount (certificate from Kela, unemployment fund or TE office required)

• seniors 5 € discount (pension decision or pension card required)

• seniors 5 € discount (63 years and older)

• low base education 10 € discount 

• for those with learning difficulties 10 € discount

• discount for those who have finished primary school (under 25, no place for further education) 10 € discount

• 50% discount for immigrants

The voucher discount is applied for upon registration. The grant is awarded within the limits of the budget received from the Board of Education.

Culture and sports vouchers

At the Community College, cultural and sports vouchers can be used for tuition fees in the following fields of study: music, stage expression, dance, visual arts, handicrafts, exercise and yoga.

The banknotes are personal, so they cannot be used to pay for the participation of family members.

Current banknotes include Smartum Oy's Sports Voucher, Virikeseteli or Tyky-Kuntoseteli and ePassi.

After receiving the invoice, you can pay for them at Kiuruvesi swimming hall or library.

Cultural and sports vouchers provided by employers are not exchanged for cash and are not refunded. If a study group or short course paid with a banknote is canceled due to a civic college, the tuition fee can be transferred to the tuition fee of another study group.

Material payments cannot be made with a culture or sports voucher.


More detailed information on the activities of Kiuruvesi Community College can be found in the curriculum brochure, on the Community College's website or by calling the college office, tel. +358 40 527 1633.