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To find the course you want to attend, type the course’s title in the search box.

Please read the following text carefully before registering!

Register for the course one week before the course’s start date, at the latest.
Please mark the course in your calendar, we do not usually send a separate invitation. If a course is cancelled by the institute, or if any changes are made, e.g. to course scheduling, you will receive a notification by SMS/text message.

Course Fees

Registration is binding, which means that once you have registered, you are required to pay the course fee.  If you have unpaid fees outstanding from a previous course at Vaasa-opisto or Vasa Arbis, you cannot register for any new courses.

Your personal information is handled accordingly to the general data protection regulation


You can now choose to pay the course fee online when you register. To use the internet payment option, you must have a valid email account.

When you are offered the internet payment option after registering, just click “PROCEED TO PAY” and follow the instructions given.
If you do not choose internet payment, we will send you a course bill by post.

Discounts cannot be given if you pay online!

If you are entitled to a fee reduction/discount, do not pay the course fee online. You will be sent a course bill by post.

Vaasa-opisto and Vasa Arbis accept Tyky and Smartum culture and recreation vouchers, Smartum card payment and also Edenred card payment as methods of payment. Once you have received the course bill, you can pay using Tyky or Smartum vouchers, Smartum card payment  (not only recreation) or Edenred card payment at Kansalaisinfo/The Welcome Office at the Vaasa city library, Kirjastokatu 13, or in Vähäkyrö at Yhteispalvelupiste (Service Point), Vähänkyröntie 11. The use of other online vouchers is still under work by The economic department.

Some of our courses run for the whole school year. If you join a course for the spring term, which started in the autumn, you will only be charged HALF of the course fee. Please inform the Vaasa-opisto or Vasa Arbis office!

Unemployed jobseekers

Unemployed jobseekers are entitled to a 50 % discount off the course fees at Vaasa-opisto and Vasa Arbis.

To get this discount, you must prove your status as an unemployed jobseeker at the Vaasa-opisto or Vasa Arbis office, NO LATER THAN 7 days after the course start date. Otherwise, the course fee must be paid in full.
To prove your status as unemployed, please bring a receipt of the previous month’s unemployment benefit payment from Kela (or another unemployment benefit fund) to the office. Client cards are not an acceptable form of validation.
A reduced course fee cannot be paid on the internet when registering for a course. You will be sent a course bill by post.


Students at universities or other institutions of higher education are entitled to a 10 % discount off our course fees. Please produce your student card at the Vaasa-opisto (Raastuvankatu 31) or Vasa Arbis (Kirkkopuistikko 15) office no later than one week after the course has begun.  Otherwise, the course fee will have to be paid in full.
A reduced course fee cannot be paid on the internet when registering for a course. If you receive a discount, we will send your course bill by post.

This link can be used to apply for a discount:

Cancellation of registration

If you change your mind or cannot attend a course, you must cancel your registration 4 working days before the course begins AT THE LATEST, otherwise a fee of 20 euros will be charged (or the course fee, if it is less than 20€).
If you cancel your participation after the course has begun, or if you do not cancel at all, the whole course fee will be invoiced. This also applies to those who simply don’t show up.
You can cancel online using this link: Click on “Your registration” and follow the instructions given. You can also call the institute’s service line to cancel your participation: Vaasa-opisto, phone 06 325 3496; in Laihia 040 635 3391; Vasa Arbis, phone 06 25 3504.


Paid course fees are refunded only in the following cases:

A course fee that has been paid on the internet at the time of registration will be refunded, but only if the participant cancels on time, as specified above.

If a course is cancelled by the institute, due to lack of participants, or for another valid reason, any and all paid course fees will be refunded.

In either of the above cases, please contact or the institute’s office about getting a refund: Vaasa-opisto, phone 040 635 3391  Vasa Arbis, phone 06 325 3501. In other cases, paid course fees will not be refunded.


Testikurssi 999999 is a “course” created for testing purposes. Use this if you want to practise the registration procedure before you actually register for a course!



  • 0100101

    Lahjakortti Vaasa-opisto

    Teacher: Nimeä ei löytynyt Opettaja avoin
    Place: A Vaasa-opisto, Raastuvankatu 31, 65100 Vaasa
    Autumn term: 1.8.2019 - 31.12.2019
    Spring term: 1.1.2020 - 25.6.2020
    Registration begins: 29.5.2019 0:00
    Number of places: 100
    There are available places on the course
  • 0100201

    Presentkort Vasa Arbis

    Teacher: Nimeä ei löytynyt Opettaja avoin
    Place: Arbis, Kyrkoesplanaden 15, 65100 Vasa
    Autumn term: 1.8.2019 - 31.12.2019
    Spring term: 1.1.2020 - 31.7.2020
    Registration begins: 15.8.2019 18:00
    Number of places: 100
    There are available places on the course
  • 999999

    Testikurssi 2020-2021 Testkurs

    Teacher: Opettaja Tuntiopettaja
    Place: Etätyö
    Lessons: 1,00    Autumn term: 1.8.2020 - 31.12.2020
    Lessons: 1,00    Spring term: 1.1.2021 - 30.6.2021
    Registration begins: 11.5.2019 0:00
    Number of places: 1001
    There are available places on the course