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Read this carefully before enrolling!

See Instructions for online enrolment on the left.

If  you don't have the Finnish identity number, you can't enrol online.  Instead you can enrol in the office on Kaskenkatu 5, 2nd floor.

When enrolling,  you'll see whether you'll get the place on the course or are placed on  the waiting list. It is worth while to enrol in the waiting list,  because often there will be vancies later on. We'll inform you by text  message or email, if you get a place on the course. When enrolled  succesfully, you'll get a confirmation email. If you are not able to enrol online, please call: 02 2629811.

We don't inform you about the starting of the course, only exceptions in the schedule.

You can cancel your enrolment with your registration number and the course number in Your registration on the left: . Of successful cancelation you'll receive an email confirmation. If  you can't cancel online, you have to do it by email: You can't cancel by phone or to your teacher.

Free cancellation is possible until your course starts.

It is possible to change the course even when your course has started.

The invoice will be sent by mail once your course has started. The invoices can be paid in the bank or in Monitori, Aurakatu 8 (Kauppatori). Please, don't use the reference number in your confirmation email to pay your fee!

Terms  of Cancellation: Your enrolment is binding. You'll have to accept terms  of cancellation before enrolling. If you don't cancel the enrolment  before the course starts, you'll have to pay the whole fee. Course fees  will be invoiced ragardless of the student's attendance to the course.  Invoices won't be credited. Unpaid invoices are tranferred to  collection.

The course fee will be refunded to the  student only if the course is cancelled. If more than 1/3 of the lessons  are cancelled, part of the fee can be refunded.

Students buy their own course books and materials. In some cases materials can be included in the course fee.

All rights reserved.

Students or their personal property have not been insured.

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    Ilmoittautumisen harjoittelu / Practise the Enrolment

    Place: Opistotalo, Kaskenkatu 5, 20700 Turku
    Autumn term: 8.8.2022 - 31.12.2022
    Spring term: 1.1.2023 - 29.6.2023
    Registration begins: 23.5.2022 9.00
    Registration ends: 18.6.2023 0.00
    Number of places: 800
    There are available places on the course