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Registration is always binding. Course payment must be made within 30 days of registration. Please contact the office for extended payment time or splitting the invoice to multiple installments. If you wish to cancel your registration, please refer to the instructions provided in the next paragraph. Absence is not a cancellation. Unpaid course fees will be directed to debt collection. 

Payment options 

Remote payments: 

  • online banking
  • credit card
  • Eazybreak
  • SmartumPay
  • MyEdenred
  • ePassi

At Etko office: 

  • cash 
  • debit / credit car
  • Smartum, Virike and Tyky vouchers
  • Edenred card 

If you need assistance in making a remote payment, please call (09) 622 9580. 

With cultural benefits, you can pay for everything except language courses. With sports benefits, you can pay for exercise and dance courses. Employer benefits (such as Smartum, Edenred, etc.) are personal and, for example, cannot be used to pay for courses for family members. 

How to cancel your registration

You can cancel your registration free of charge no later than 14 days before the start of the course. Not attending the course and / or not paying the course fee are not counted as a cancellation. A course which is not cancelled will be invoiced even if you have not attended the course. 

You can make a cancellation conveniently using your registration number or course number at 

You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation in your email. 

Non-online cancellations must be made in writing either by emailing: or sending a letter to Etelä-Helsingin kansalaisopisto, Bulevardi 21, 00180 Helsinki. Etko confirms the written cancellation by text message or e-mail. Please remember to communicate your account details to the Etko secretary on your own initiative for the refund of the course fee. 

If your medical condition prevents you from participating, you can cancel your registration and get a part of the course fee back, subject to your medical certificate. Payment for the remaining lessons will be refunded, minus an office fee of € 10. 

What if the course I wish to attend is already full? 

It is also worth registering on the waiting list, as course places may become available. We will also organize parallel courses if there is sufficient demand, where possible. We will notify you of a place on the course by email. If you remain on the reserve, do not pay for the course.  

I registered for the wrong course or want to change the course 

It is possible to change the course after the courses have started, subject to availability. Please contact the Etko secretary 

If Etko  cancels the course

Etko has the right to cancel the course if enough students have not registered for the course (minimum number). The paid course fee will be refunded. 

Cancellation of lessons

We always try to find a substitute if a teacher, for example, falls ill. In the event of more than one cancellation during the same semester, Etko will refund the course fee for the missed lesson(s). If we are unable to get a substitute teacher or reschedule the lesson, one lesson out of a 12-week group course can be cancelled without it being refunded. 

You will receive information about possible changes and cancellations to your course 1. by text message to the phone number you provided, or if we do not have your phone number,  2. to the email address you provided. 


Discounts apply to group courses. Discounts are not granted retrospectively. Discounts cannot be combined. 

Finnish National Agency for Education (Opetushallitus) supports the course participation of the unemployed, migrants and seniors with an annual grant. Etko uses the received grant to admit a discount to one course fee per year per student. Discounts are meant for low-income students. Send your details by e-mail to Etko office email address: Etko grants discounts in the order of application, within the parameters of the annual grant. 

A person who does not belong to the above target groups can also receive a discount on one course fee per year per student (does not include private tuition), on the basis of low income. Email your informal application to the Etko principal. 


ETKO does not have accident insurance for students. Please make sure that your own insurance is valid. 

Course fee refunds due to force majeure 

Force majeure means an unexpected and unpredictable event that prevents a party from fulfilling its contractual performance obligation. Force majeure is always an event that cannot be anticipated or prepared for. 

For example, the Corona epidemic can cause Etko a force majeure, which prevents the delivery of a course according to the original plan. However, we are prepared to transfer most of the teaching to distance teaching if the implementation of contact teaching is restricted. Failure to participate in substituting distance teaching is not a reason for a refund of the course fee. Those courses that cannot be transferred to distance teaching will be postponed to a later date.