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(Instructions updated 14.1.2020)

1. Learn about course details from ‘lisätiedot’ (found in course information) The course brochure can be found on the ‘työväenopisto’ home page.

2. Select the courses you wish to enrol on from the help page. It is possible to add courses to your shopping basket when registration opens. If you are on the page before registration opens, you must refresh the page when it actually opens in order to be able to add your selected course to your shopping basket. You can enrol on multiple courses at the same time by adding them to your basket.

3.  Fill in all the student details carefully. If the course allows you to register more than one student at a time, for example for adult – child courses, the + symbol should be used to add each student and fill in all the information. Remember to send the registration.

4.  After sending the course registration, a confirmation of your registration will be shown on the screen. If you have written your email address correctly, you should receive confirmation and a pay link will also be sent to your email – although this cannot be guaranteed. If the course is already full, you will receive a reserve place.

If you are unsure of whether you have a place on the course or wish to check your course registration later on, you should take note of the course number and registration code. You can check your registration at the ‘omat tiedot’ link. Always write your email and phone number in the same format when registering for courses.

5.  If you do not receive confirmation, it means there is a lot of traffic on the server. You can check your registration from the ‘omat tiedot’ link which can be found on the registration page or contact the office : or tel. 040 801 6471 Please note that the cancellation rules concern all registrations.

6.  The course price can be found with the course. If you are entitled to a reduction (67+ or jobseekers with Kela dole: code 02 and 07), it should be applied for before the course starting date and prior to payment. More about applying on our homepages The instructions are in Finnish. Reductions are not granted after payment. If you register for a course after it has started, you must take your application for a reduction to the office immediately on the same day that you register.


How to pay for the courses:

  1. After registering online, follow the link to your online bank via Paytrail. After paying, wait until you are returned to the registration page. You should receive an email confirming your payment. Please note that if payment is interrupted, the banking system reference codes cannot be used.
  2. You can pay by going through the payment link that you receive in your confirmation email no later than a day before the first course starts. Remember to wait to be returned to the registration page after paying.
  3. You can pay by bill. The bill is sent on the day after the course has begun. Every course student will be billed separately. Please note that there will be an additional 5e charge for every bill sent.

Those entitled to a reduction (67+ or jobseekers with Kela dole: code 02 and 07) can pay for the course (after receiving a message from the office) through the link which can be found in the registration confirmation message .

Please note that if you pay by your epass or Smartum you cannot choose language courses or the courses of subject relating the knowledge. Read more on our homepages 

Those students on the waiting list who receive a place before the course starts, can pay for the course via the link which they receive in their confirmation message but only after they have confirmed their place at the office. Alternatively they can wait for a bill.

7.  Pre-registration is binding. Failure to pay for the course or informing the teacher does not constitute cancellation. Free cancellations are only possible if made at the latest 7 days before the course begins. Cancellations can be made:

  • by using the ‘peruuttaminen’ (cancellation) function in your internet registration. Check if the cancellation succeeded by checking ‘omat tiedot’ . You should receive confirmation of your cancellation via email ( as long as your email has been provided)
  • by email:
  • by text message: tel. 040 806 2365 or 040 133 1463
  • by bringing a written cancellation to the office.
  • Please note – we do not accept cancellations by phone.

Keep a record of your cancellation. If the course begins in less than 7 days, a 20e administrative fee must be paid. The entire course fee must be paid If the course is cancelled after it has started.
A course fee of 20e will be charged if a Sara Hildén Academy course student fails to appear or drops out of the course before the third lesson. Otherwise the course must be paid in full.

Instructions can be found on our  homepage 
Unpaid bills are transferred to Lowell Suomi Oy who will send payment reminders. The course fee is eligible for direct recovery.

8.  If a student has a prior unpaid course fee, they or their underage family member do not have the right to study at Tampereen seudun työväenopisto. Työväenopisto retains the right to cancel a course place which has been granted erroneously. If this happens, the student will be contacted by the office.

9. Students will not be sent any further separate invitation to the course nor will they normally be sent any course material before the start of the course. Työväenopisto will be in contact only if the course is cancelled or a student on the waiting list has received a place on the course. Places on the course are offered via text message or email. Keep your contact information updated and make sure to check your inbox frequently.

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  • 66016K Uusi kurssi!

    Gesprächskurs mit Alexandra

    Price: 30,00 €
    Teacher: Alexandra Matschke
    Place: Sampola, 227, Sammonkatu 2, 33540 Tampere
    Lessons: 12,00    Spring term: 25.4.2022 - 30.5.2022
    Registration begins: 23.3.2022 12.00
    Number of places: 12
    There are available places on the course