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Terms of Enrollment

Welcome to study in Siilinjärvi Community College! 

The system will reserve a place for you when you add the chosen course to your shopping cart. After that you will have 20 minutes to enter and submit your personal details. Make sure that you have entered all the required information correctly. If you enroll an underage person for a course, enter the e-mail address you wish to receive the confirmation of the enrollment. Note that some e-mail providers block or filter confirmation messages as spam. To correct possible mistakes you can send an e-mail to us at

Note that children under 16 can study in adult groups only if agreed with the course instructor beforehand. Contact the customer service before enrollment.

We hope that you allow the college to send newsletters so that we are able to send you information on your courses and ask for feedback. We will not share your personal information  with other individuals or organizations.

If the course is not fully booked or cancelled you can still enroll on it after the latest enrollment date.

Before enrollment take notice of the following:

  1. Enrollment for courses that last both semesters will change. From now on, you have to enroll separately for the autumn and spring semester of the course. In order to maintain your place of study for the whole duration of the course, we recommend registering for both semesters at the same time.
  2. By registering for the course, you agree to pay the full course fee. You can cancel your enrollment free of charge not later than 7 days before the course begins. For some courses, for example travels, may have an earlier cancellation date. Invoices will be sent after the course has begun. More information: (only in finish)
  3. Payment with the employer's welfare benefit ("tyky" banknote). You can pay the course fee with the benefit provided by the employer only after you have received the invoice. Your mobile or online payment must always include the invoice reference number so that your payment can be linked to the correct invoice. When paying with a "tyky" banknote or card, you can pay the bill at the information desk of the municipal house. You cannot pay material fees or course fees for other family members with your benefit.
  4. You will find information on course fees and discounts: (only in finish)
  5. We do not inform you of the start of the course, just go to your class according to the timetable. If the course is cancelled or there are changes in the timetable, we will inform you by e-mail or text message after the last enrollment date. Please note that if the sender of the text message is SJ kans.op., you cannot reply to it.