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You can use the Search courses -function on the top right. Type in the number or the name of the course. You can also find courses by clicking the Courses -icon on the left. When you have found the course you want, click the Register button, and the course will be added to your Shopping cart. To complete your registration, go to your Shopping cart and fill in all the required information. When your registration is complete, you will get a confirmation message on your screen and in your email. If you have any questions or problems registering, you can always call our office for help. Office tel. 044 - 438 4531

REGISTERING IS BINDING. Possible cancellations must be made 5 (five) days before the course start date, so that students who are on a waiting list can be informed about a free place. If the cancellation is not made in due time, we will charge a 10 euro fee. Without a cancellation, we charge the whole course fee. Please register at least one week before the course start date! The group will not start if there are not enough participants. NOTE: We do not send a notice when the course starts. You will receive a notification by text message only if the course is cancelled. You will receive an invoice for the course fee later in the semester.

APPLICATION FOR LAPUA ART SCHOOL is open for new students. The places will be filled in order of applications. More information:


Some employers give out different study vouchers to their staff as a benefit.

The vouchers we accept are:

  1. Smartum kulttuuriseteli
  2. Smartum liikuntaseteli
  3. Tyky -kuntoseteli
  4. E-Passit: SporttiPassi and KulttuuriPassi
  5. Edenred

If you have a voucher, go to our office to see if you can use it for your course fees.


With Study vouchers that are granted by the Ministry of Education, you may get a reduction in the course fees. We have a limited number of study vouchers and our office gives them out in order of application. One person can get one voucher for the study year 2021-2022.

A maximum of of a 20 euro reduction can be requested:

  1. By senior citizens and pensioners for courses with the mention “opintoseteliavustus”.
  2. By immigrants for a Finnish language course and one other course of free choice.
  3. By unemployed job seekers for a course of free choice, or to be used for a study pass.
  4. By a person over the age of 25, with basic education background, on a course of free choice, or the reduction can be used for a study pass
  5. By a person with learning disabilities for any studies