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1. When you register for a course you make a commitment to pay the course fee. The fees will be invoiced according to the registration.

2. The course fee will be collected by sending an invoice to the student's home address. You will ensure your right to study by paying the course fee by the due date. Invoices that are not paid will be sent directly to an enforcement authority.

3.  If you choose to cancel a course, the cancellation must be made 5 workdays before the beginning of the course at the latest, by contacting the Adult Education Centre office (tel. 040 640 4694, NB! not SMS). Your cancellation ensures that the students on the reserve list will get a place on the course and you can avoid getting an invoice yourself.

4. You can attend a lengthy course, which lasts for the whole term or the whole academic year, free of charge ONCE, and it is the FIRST meeting of the course. NB! If you decide to stop attending the course after the first meeting, you must inform the Adult Education Centre office within one week (7 days). If you do not inform the office, you will get an invoice for the course which you must pay. We will send invoices to all those who are registered on a course at the time of invoicing.

5. If you cannot attend the first meeting of a lengthy course but you would like to attend it later on free of charge, do not register for it until one week before attending it. If you wish to cancel the course after attending it once, do the same as in no. 4.

6. There is no chance of attending shorter courses free of charge, and the invoices will be sent according to the registration.

7. If you attend a course twice, you must pay the course fee, even if you stop going to the course later on.

8. We will not send the students who have registered any extra information about the course or any teaching material before the course starts. The office will contact the students only if the course is cancelled, the starting date or time changes or you get a place on the course from the reserve list.


1. Staff benefits provided by employers are personal, which means you can only pay your own course fee with it, not e.g. the fee of your family member. According to the directive given by the tax authorities language courses or cookery courses cannot be paid by Smartum or ePassi.

2. The payment has to cover the whole course fee. We do not send partial invoices, and you cannot pay in cash. The Adult Education Centre office has no payment terminals. The teachers do not accept Smartum or ePassi payments.

3.  When you register choose ”I pay with Smartum” or ”I pay with ePassi” in the paymentmethod field.

4. Bring the Smartum coupons to the Adult Education Centre office or pay with SmartumPay or ePassi at the office within two weeks from the beginning of the course. Short or weekend courses must be paid 5 days before the course starts. Payments are accepted at the Adult Education Centre office Monday to Friday at 9-15 or according to agreement -> contact the Adult Education Centre office tel 040 640 4694. You can also take a screenshot of the receipt of your electronic payment on your mobile phone and send it to the office (e-mail: kansalaisopisto(at)

5. We do not accept Smartum coupons or ePassi payments after invoicing a student for a course, so the student must pay the invoice sent by the Adult Education Centre. If the student does pay the course fee with mobile payment (SmartumPay or ePassi) after the course has been invoiced, the SmartumPay or the ePassi payment will not be taken into account and will not be returned.

6. If the student makes a cancellation, the Adult Education Centre does not return the course fees that have been paid with Smartum or ePassi.


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    Course fee: 110,00 €
    Teacher: Kari Rautava
    Place: Petäjäveden kirkonkylän koulu, lk 273, Urheilutie 3, 41900 Petäjävesi
    Lessons: 40,00    kevätkausi 2023: 14.4.2023 - 23.4.2023
    Registration begins: 1.2.2023 9.00
    Registration ends: 6.4.2023 23.59
    Number of places: 20
    The course is fully booked, you can register on the waiting list