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By registering, you accept the terms and agree to abide by them. Fill out the registration form carefully. Also, make sure you provide your current cell phone number and email address.

Please observe the registration times, we do not accept registrations in advance. A reminder of the start of the course will be sent to the e-mail two days before the start of the course. Hiiden Opisto will be contacted if the course is canceled, or you are about to get a place to study. Only a sufficient number of students guarantees the start of the course. There is no right to a refund of the course fee if the course is canceled for reasons beyond the control of the course organizer.

Cancellation policy

When you register for the course, you agree to pay the course fee. If you cancel your registration no later than seven (7) days before the start of the course, no course fee will be charged. If canceled later, a cancellation fee will be charged. Paid course fees are non-refundable. Paying the course fee is the redemption of the place of study, so the course fees will not be refunded due to the interruption of studies.

• Cancellation of a course location is free of charge if it is made seven (7) days before the start of the course.

• If the course is canceled later than seven (7) days before the start of the course, a € 10 cancellation fee will be charged.

• If the course is canceled after the start of the course and less than half of the course has not been attended, the student will be charged half of the total course fee.

• If the course is canceled after the start of the course and half or more of the course has been attended, the student will be charged the full course fee.

• If a student cancels due to illness, no course fee or cancellation fee will be charged. Course cancellations are made online or by phone at the office.

Note! Course cancellations cannot be made to voicemail or online feedback. The college can also cancel a planned course if there are not enough participants for the course.

Payment and payment methods

The invoice will be sent to your home address and each invoice must be paid with its own reference number. You can also pay for some of the courses by online payment when registering online. After billing, you cannot pay with other payment methods. Invoices and payment reminders are sent through Lowell Suomi Oy. In matters of invoicing, you should do business with Lowell, contact information can be found on the invoice.


At Hiiden Opisto, you can pay with a sports and culture passport when registering online. It is not possible to pay the course fee afterwards or by registering by phone. When paying with a sports or cultural passport, you must register for each course separately. The following course groups cannot be paid with a sports and culture passport:

• Basic studies on art
• Open University studies
• lectures
• cooking
• language courses
• other degree-oriented courses

Please also note that both passports are for your personal use only.


With us, you can pay with Smartum balance when registering online. When using a Smartum balance, the conditions are the same as when paying with an Epassi (see above).


Hiiden Opisto grants a 50% discount to the unemployed, students and schoolchildren (born in 2007-2009). The discount is personal. The discount does not apply to open university courses, specially priced courses, lectures or the benefit of an active student (see section: specially priced courses). To receive the discount, submit a certificate to the office immediately after registration. If the invoice has already been sent, the discounts can no longer be granted. If there is a delay in obtaining the certificate, notify the office as soon as possible.

Study grant

Hiiden Opisto's immigrant students, IT students who have received a pension decision and IT students over the age of 63 can apply for an exemption from the course fee (max. 2 courses / academic year). Further information on this study grant can be obtained from the course teacher.

Specially priced courses

If the course price is followed by “no discounts”, it is a specially priced course for which no discounts are granted and is not covered by the active student benefit. These courses include cooking courses, open university courses, lectures, etc. We reserve the right to make changes to course prices.

Family courses

Family courses are for adults and children together. Both the adult and the child must be registered for course, and both will be charged a course fee.

Learn and Link courses

Learn and Link courses are for immigrants. To pay the course fee, you can apply for a study grant from the Hiiden Opisto office (max. 2 courses / academic year).

Textbooks and material

Textbooks and materials are not included in the course price. Students acquire and pay for materials themselves, unless otherwise noted in the course description. The copy fee is 0.20 € / copy.

Cancellation of a teaching session

Cancellation of a teaching session will be announced by phone, text message or at the place of instruction. One cancellation of lessons due to a teacher’s illness will not be reimbursed to the student for an extra lessons.

Length of the lesson

The length of the lesson is 45 minutes. For the course, the number of lessons is denoted by the abbreviation "t". For example: Teacher's name, 20 t, 39 €.

Accident insurance

Students are insured against accidents during lessons at events organized and supervised by Hiiden Opisto group accident insurance. Reimbursements are subject to public health care rates. The insurance is not valid for travel related to teaching.


It is possible to obtain a certificate of 10 € for the completion of the course.

Active student benefit

By paying 171 € for the beginning academic year, you can attend most of the Hiiden Opisto courses indefinitely. Note! Remember also to register to each course separately. The student must register as an active student at the Hiiden Opisto office by August the 22nd. The cancellation policy also applies to active students. Open university studies, lectures and no discounts-courses are not covered for active student benefit.