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120340S Englanti: English Bootcamp (B1)

Uusi kurssi!

Are you serious about improving your English language skills? Are you willing to put in the work?  This course is for ambitious learners who know that it takes work to develop. We focus on developing your fluency, range of vocabulary and grammar. Grammar topics will be chosen based on the needs of the group.

By the end of the course, you will be able to use a range of vocabulary to express your ideas. You will be able to use the structures studied with more accuracy.  You will use spoken language more confidently and fluently.

This course would suit you if you have studied English in the past but have not had the opportunity to use it very often and want to activate your skills.

We meet in Teams once a week for 90 minutes. In addition to completing homework, you are expected to spend at least 30 minutes/week working on tasks online using the learning platform Canvas. You will receive individual feedback from the teacher on these tasks. To use Teams and Canvas, you need an email address, a computer, and basic computer skills. The teaching language is English. Knowledge of Finnish is not required.

Taitotaso: B1

Perustaso A1 – Suppea viestintä kaikkein tutuimmissa tilanteissa
A1.1 Kielitaidon alkeiden hallinta = alkeiskurssi
A1.2 Kehittyvä alkeiskielitaito
A1.3 Toimiva alkeiskielitaito
Perustaso A2 – Välittömän sosiaalisen kanssakäymisen perustarpeet ja lyhyt kerronta
A2.1 Perustaidon alkuvaihe
A2.2 Kehittyvä peruskielitaito
Keskitaso B1 – Selviytyminen arkielämässä
B1.1 Toimiva peruskielitaito
B1.2 Sujuva peruskielitaito
Keskitaso B2 – Selviytyminen säännöllisessä kanssakäymisessä syntyperäisten kanssa
B2.1 Itsenäisen kielitaidon perustaso
B2.2 Toimiva itsenäinen kielitaito
Ylin taso C – Selviytyminen monissa vaativissa kielenkäyttötilanteissa
C1-C2 Taitavan kielenkäyttäjän taso

Teacher: Marja Juhola

Number of places: Maximum number of course participants 15, There are available places on the course.

Name of course location: Verkko

Date and time: Th: 17.00 - 18.30

Autumn term: 23.9.2021 - 25.11.2021 (18 Lessons)

Kurssimaksu, syyslukukausi: 98,00 €

Ects credits: 1.00

Registration begins: 3.5.2021 10.00

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