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Do not attend the courses when you are ill or having a flu.

Please take good care of hand hygiene.

The maximum size of the teaching groups is limited due to the safety. You can, however, register to be put on a waiting list. We will increase group sizes if it is safe. In this case, the office will contact those in the waiting list in the order of registration.

Course arrangements may change due to the epidemic situation and related restrictions.


All the courses open for online registration on June 14, 2021 . In this academic year, the Autumn Term courses are indicated with an ”a”, and the Spring Term courses with a ”b” after the course number.

You can register either for the Autumn Term or the Spring Term only, or simultaneously for both.

  1. You can browse courses by clicking the COURSES button on the left or the SEARCH button in the top right-hand corner. You can search for courses by course number,  course title, teacher, or DEPARTMENT, i.e. geographical location, (Lappeenranta, Joutseno, Luumäki, Ylämaa).
  2. If you register for Autumn and/or Spring Term courses and pay for all the courses simultaneously, proceed as follows:
    1. Place the Autumn Term course(s) and/or Spring Term course(s) you want to register for in the  shopping cart.
    2. Fill in all the personal details required (including your social security number) carefully.
    3. Click the SEND button.
    4. Pay the course fee(s).

Alternatively, if you register for the Autumn Term courses and Spring Term courses simultaneously and at this point only want to pay the Autumn Term course fee(s), proceed as follows:

  1. Place the Autumn Term course(s) in the shopping cart, fill in the personal details required (including your social security number), click the SEND button and pay the course fee(s).
  2. To then register for the Spring Term course(s), go back to registering, place the Spring Term course(s) you have selected in the shopping cart, fill in the personal details and click the SEND button. Do not pay the course fee(s) yet.
  3. Make sure the email address you give during the signup process is a valid one. The front office will email you a payment link by Nov 30th. If you do not have an email account, please contact the front office. We do not bill you by post.

If you have registered for a course and choose not to join, please inform the front office to cancel your registration. Note that failure to pay the course fee does not constitute cancellation. You cannot cancel later than seven (7) days before the start date of the course. Otherwise a cancellation fee applies. See our cancellation policy (in Finnish).

If you have paid for the spring term course, and for any reason, are not able to attend the course, you can get a full refund provided you cancel within 7 days before the start date of the course; otherwise, a €10 cancellation fee applies. Failure to pay does not constitute cancellation.

  • If the personal details form does not pop up automatically, click the SHOPPING CART button in the left-hand corner. Fill in all the personal details carefully, and click the SEND button.
  • We do not share your personal details with third parties. You can unsubscribe from our email marketing list and email and SMS contact list at any time.
  • To return to the start page click the HOME button. For more information concerning the registration click the INSTRUCTIONS button. After paying, you can check your registration details by clicking the YOUR REGISTRATION button.
  • If you cannot find the course you want to sign up for, even if it is listed in the printed course booklet, it means that the course you are looking for has been cancelled due to insufficient enrolment numbers, for example.
  • Please note that the course fee must be paid online as part of the registration process (make sure you have your bank`s user ID and password at hand). The payment is transferred through Paytrail into the Etelä-Karjalan kansalaisopisto`s bank account. If you do not use online banking, you can also register by visiting our office at 27 Pohjolankatu, 53100 Lappeenranta. Paying by invoice is not possible.
  • You can also pay by ePass and Smartum (make sure you have your user ID and password at hand). Payment by a Tyky or Eazybreak voucher can only be made by visiting the admin office.The vouchers can not be used for musical play groups for children, child-adult groups, mindfulness nor language courses.
  • If you register for an OS course, you need to fill in the training voucher application form to claim the discount.  You can do this either online (see FURTHER INFO in the course description) or at the admin office. The deducted sum will be returned to your bank account afterwards.
  • Note that if payment is not made in 20 minutes after registering, your registration will be removed from the system, and you will have to start the registration process again.
  • When the registration is complete, a confirmation screen will pop up.
  • If the course is already full, you can register to be put on a waiting list. Write down the registration number so you can check which courses you have registered for.
  • To get a full refund of the course fee, you must cancel no later than seven days prior to the start date of the course by notifying the admin office at 27 Pohjolankatu. Otherwise a cancellation fee of €10 will apply. For our cancellation policy, see Course fees, terms of cancellation and discounts.
  • We will contact you only in the event a course you have signed up for is cancelled or if we are able to offer you a place from the waiting list. We will not send any information or course materials to the students prior to the start of the course.




  • 211010a

    Kaikkee kivaa, Ylämaa, syksy HUOM! kurssin alkamispv siirtynyt 30.9.

    Price: 40,00 €
    Teacher: Sertifioitu hopeasaviopettaja Minna Melkko
    Place: Ylämaan Marttala, Ylämaantie 3003, Ylämaantie 3003, 54410 Ylämaa
    Lessons: 20,00    Autumn term: 30.9.2021 - 4.11.2021
    Registration begins: 14.6.2021 9.00
    Number of places: 10
    There are available places on the course
  • 420150a

    Kotisivut WordPressilla, alkeet, syksy (OS)

    Price: 43,00 €
    Teacher: Tuntiopettaja Jenni Könönen
    Place: Luokka 103, Pohjolankatu 27, Pohjolankatu 27, 53100 Lappeenranta
    Lessons: 14,00    Autumn term: 4.10.2021 - 22.11.2021
    Registration begins: 14.6.2021 9.00
    Number of places: 11
    There are available places on the course
  • 730266a

    UUSI! Fasciavenyttely, Lönnrotin koulu, syksy

    Price: 30,00 €
    Teacher: Fysioterapeutti Minna Tarjavuori
    Place: Lönnrotin koulu, vanha sali, Lönnrotinkatu 1, Lönnrotinkatu 1, 53600 Lappeenranta
    Lessons: 16,00    Autumn term: 19.9.2021 - 12.12.2021
    Registration begins: 14.6.2021 9.00
    Number of places: 15
    The course is fully booked, you can register on the waiting list
  • 940104a

    Uusi! Sisustussuunnittelua kotiin, etäopetus, syksy

    Price: 25,00 €
    Teacher: Sisustussuunnittelija Matleena Aalto
    Place: Verkkokurssi, Pohjolankatu 27, 53100 Verkkokurssi
    Lessons: 12,00    Autumn term: 27.9.2021 - 8.11.2021
    Registration begins: 14.6.2021 9.00
    Number of places: 15
    The course is fully booked, you can register on the waiting list