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Signing up for Ahjola courses 

1. Start by clicking the Courses button in the left-hand menu. Then choose either Onsite Courses or Online courses

2. You can browse all the courses here. The courses are organised by Department, Course program, and Subject.

3. Use the Search at the top of the page to search for courses. You can enter, for instance, a course number, a department name, a teacher's name, or a course location.

When you register, you will receive instructions for paying the course. Students that registered for the whole year course (fall and spring term) pay now only the fall term and will receive a payment link for the spring term fee by email during December. The email will be sent to the address you gave when you registered.
 For detailed terms of registration and cancellation (in Finnish), see the adult education centre course pages.

Payment options

1. When registering for a course, you can pay by online banking, ePassi, or Smartum. Note that you can find the ePass and Smartum payment buttons under the bank payment buttons.

2. After registering, you can pay the fee via Paytrail: use the link you received by email the start of the course. You can also pay the course fee via your own online bank: use the reference number you received in your confirmation email, and make the payment to the Ahjola bank account FI40 5730 0820 4254 33.

3. Adult students can also pay their course fees (except language courses) with the following means of payment intended for sports and cultural activities provided by their employer:

a) ePassi: Make an an online payment when you register for a course, or pay through the Ahjola office. If you want to pay through the Ahjola office, provide us with the necessary information by email talous@ahjola.fi or by telephone 044 553 8441 or 044 553 8400.
b) Eazybreak, Edenred, or SmartumPay application: you can pay the fee after registering. Notify the Ahjola office after you have made the payment.
c) Printed Smartum, Virike, and Tyky vouchers can be either hand-delivered to the mailbox next to the Ahjola office door, or sent by mail at your own risk. Be sure to use the correct amount of vouchers, and check that each voucher has your signature on it. If the vouchers do not cover the entire fee, pay the difference via an online bank using the reference number.

Debit card payment is possible at Ahjola´s office. Check the opening hours on our website. Ahjola can not accept cash payments.

Please note:
For adult-child courses, only the adult's part of the course fee can be paid with means of payment intended for sports and cultural activities provided by their employer.

According to specific guidance from the tax administration, Ahjola language course fees cannot be paid with the above-mentioned means of payment provided by the student's employer.

If a course must be stopped or moved to remote teaching due to reasons beyond the control of Ahjola, course fees are not refunded. Students are compensated for cancelled classes with compensatory classes or lowered course fees.

Cancellation policy
You can cancel your course registration no later than 7 days before the course begins by calling the Ahjola office (Note: not by text message or answering machine message) or by email to toimisto@ahjola.fi. You can also cancel your registration, using your registration number, on the registration web page. Participation in cultural trips must be cancelled two weeks before the trip. If cancellation is done 1-6 days before the course begins, Ahjola will charge a 15€ penalty fee. For special courses, see the course description for the cancellation policy.

Student who has registered for the whole year course can cancel the participation for Spring term free of charge by email toimisto@ahjola.fi until November 15th. 

Under exceptional circumstances (such as gathering restrictions imposed by the authorities, or changing an in-person teaching course to a remote teaching course), students can always cancel their registration free of chanrge before the course begins. If a course registration is not cancelled before the course begins, the entire course fee will be charged. Notifying the course teacher or not paying the course fee does not count as cancelling your registration. 

Keep a document of the cancellation for yourself.

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