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Welcome to Ahjola adult education center!

Registration for autumn period starts 1st of July at 10 am.

Signing up for Ahjola courses

1. Start by clicking the Courses button in the left-hand menu. Then choose either Ahjolan kansalaisopisto (the Ahjola adult education centre) or Online courses.

2. You can browse all the courses here. The courses are organised by Department, Course program, and Subject.

3. Use the Search at the top of the page to search for courses. You can enter, for instance, a course number, a department name, a teacher's name, or a course location.

When you register, you will receive instructions for paying the course fee. Students that registered for the whole year course (fall and spring term) pay now only the fall term and will receive a payment link for the spring term fee by email during December. The email will be sent to the address you gave when you registered. Student who has registered for the whole year course can cancel the participation for Spring term free of charge by email toimisto@ahjola.fi until November 15th.

For detailed terms of registration and cancellation see Instructions.

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  • 99009

    Ilmoittautumisen testaus

    Price: 2,00 €
    Teacher: Terhi Testaaja
    Place: Verkkokurssi
    Autumn term: 1.9.2022 - 31.12.2022
    Spring term: 1.1.2023 - 25.5.2023
    Registration begins: 20.6.2022 10.00
    Registration ends: 1.5.2023 11.00
    Number of places: 500
    There are available places on the course
  • 8301249


    Price: 190,00 €
    Teacher: Riina Ingalsuo
    Place: Rajalan leirikeskus, Valkeajärventie 240, 34300 KURU
    Lessons: 18,00    Autumn term: 26.8.2022 - 28.8.2022
    Registration begins: 1.4.2022 10.00
    Number of places: 24
    There are available places on the course