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Enrolment is possible through the course homepage or by filling out the enrolment form and delivering it to the office at Kaskisgatan 5, floor 5. You can enrol in the courses and lectures of the spring term 2023 from Thursday, December 8th, 2022 onwards. The registration opens at 18:00.

For most courses the enrolment period ends one week before the start of the course, unless specified otherwise. The course will be cancelled if the number of people enrolled to a course is below the minimum amount; the people who have enrolled already will be notified if the course is cancelled. You will not be separately notified if the course begins as planned.

Enrolment for the autumn term of 2023 begins on August 15th, 2023, at 18:00.


All fees, including lecture fees, are invoiced. We do not handle cash at the office.

Course fees will be invoiced after the course has started and the invoice will be delivered by mail to the address given at the registration. Arbis is gradually implementing an option of invoicing the course by email. The option is mentioned separately for the relevant courses.


Cancellation of enrolment must be done at least one week before the start of the course unless otherwise specified. Cancellation can be done electronically if you have registered online. Otherwise you can cancel your registration by contacting Arbis.

The course will be invoiced if you have failed to cancel your registration within the provided time frame. Unpaid course fees and possible material fees will be sent to collections. The principal can waive the fee or allow a differing amount to be paid if the student can provide a certificate of illness that states that the student cannot participate in the course.

Please note that the teachers do not handle registrations, cancellations or notifications about withdrawing from courses. Registrations or cancellations that are submitted only to the teacher are not valid.

The course fee will be reduced if Arbis cancels a course when more than 1/3 of the course remains. However, fees will not be reduced or repaid if the reduction will be less than 10 € or if the course is cancelled due to force majeure. Arbis retains the right to change course dates, locations and group sizes if necessary.


To encourage the integration of participants, Arbis offers the participants in the courses Swedish A1.1, Swedish A1.2, Swedish A2.1, Svenska A2.2-B1, and Svensk konversation B1 a waiver worth 35 € to be used to pay the course fee of one (1) other course at Arbis during the spring term. The waiver cannot be used to reduce an already discounted course fee. Contact the office for more information.


You can reach the office personnel by phone: +358 44 907 47 37 and by e-mail: Please note that it is not possible to enrol in courses by phone or e-mail.


At Arbis we usually classify our courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. For more information about which level is suitable for you, visit the page of the Council of European through this link.